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 Annual 2010

Annual 2010



Lenoir, Michael A

Essential Information

Address 2940 Summit St Ste 1
Oakland, CA 94609

Comprehensive Allergy Services is a full service diagnostic and treatment center for adult and pediatric allergy problems. Dr, Michael Lenoir is a Board Certified Adult and Pediatric Allergist with a special expertise in Asthma. Dr. Lenoir graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch and after a pediatric residency, trained for his allergy specialty at the University of California, San Diego. Dr. Lenoir came to the Bay Area as the Consultant in Allergy for the 6th Army District. He served in the military for 10 years. He also served as the Chief of the Allergy Service at San Francisco General for over 15 years and is an Associate Clinical Professor at UCSF For the past 20 years Dr. Lenoir has focused on asthma in urban areas and community health education using media. He serves as the President of the Ethnic Health Institute at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, the CEO of the Ethnic Heath America TV Network: :hosted regular radio programming on KCBS , and most recently KPFA Radio and KBLX Radio. Dr. LeNoir has been the recipient of numerous Best Doctor awards.

Additional Information

Specialty: Pediatrics Allergy

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